The expert team at MK Care will provide you with high-quality Community Nursing Services.

Mk Care contributes to the community by providing the best nursing care to people seeking help with their clinical and personal needs. NDIS Community Nursing services provide the finest possible healthcare to people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, particularly those who are often disadvantaged and marginalised. Community health nurses must engage closely with their local communities and nurses to combat diseases and ensure healing.

The professional community nursing staff at MK Care provides you with high-quality services such as:

  • Medication administration
  • Assessments – Continence and a comprehensive care plan
  • Management of disabilities and diabetes
  • Day-to-day health assistance in the comfort of your own home
  • Wound management and pressure care
  • PEG, continence, ventilator, and bowel care are examples of complex disability care.


Our community nursing services programme strives to improve the chances of eligible persons enjoying a healthy and independent life. Our employees have been trained to build ties with our clients in order to make their time with us memorable. We provide both at-home and hospital care through our MK Care services.

Experts from MK Care community nursing care services are dedicated to satisfying the needs of our patients. Our community care aims to build a relationship with our patients in order to provide them with much welcomed emotional support as well. A host of healthcare professionals and hospitals in our network are available at any moment to provide you with the best treatment available today.